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Study in Europe


The Faculty VI - Planning Building Environment gives various opportunities for studying at an European partner university, either for the time of a semester or of an academic year.

For further information about studying abroad, the professors in charge or about application deadlines, please follow ERASMUS+ tenderings.

Detailed information on ERASMUS+, on vacancies and on the application procedure can be found on the website of the TU Department of International Affairs.

Study overseas

TU's Office of International Affairs provides academic advising of exchange programs offered by the TU Berlin and its partner universities.

Philipp Sumpf, a student of architecture at TU Berlin, provides an individual insight into his studies abroad in Melbourne (February - September 2019).

Internships abroad

Internships in Europe: ERASMUS+ scholarships

What are my benefits?

  • Gain memorable experience in international companies,
  • immerse yourself in a language,
  • improve your communication skills,
  • travel and experience an new country and its culture.

The scholarships promote as well mandatory as voluntary internships with a duration of two to twelve months. For further information on scholarships, please visit the Career Service.


Internships worldwide: PROMOS scholarships

PROMOS provides limited promotion for independently organized internships with a duration of six weeks to six months. For further information on scholarships, please visit the Career Service.


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