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Building Archaeology and Heritage Conservation

The master's program conveys the contents and goals of Archaeology of Buildings and Heritage Conservation: analytical vision and recognition of historically relevant and construction-related details as well as competencies in dealing with historically significant buildings. The four-term master's program builds on interdisciplinary knowledge from various subject fields. Through incorporating practical aspects along with extensive project work, students are prepared for careers in multifaceted professions under realistic conditions.

Starting point for scientific analysis is the architecture of classic antiquity, in which the methodology of historical building research was developed. A large number of other courses are included in the different modules such as: Researching, Analysing and Recording Historic Buildings, Built Heritage Studies, Historical Building Typology and Construction, Building Archaeology, Heritage Conservation and Strategies, Cultural Heritage, Concepts of Conservation and Utilization.

For more information on teaching and research, please see the Institute of Architecture and the chair of Building Archaeology and Heritage Conservation.

Master's Program Building Archaeology and Heritage Conservation

Entry Requirements:

Qualification for the master's program Building Archaeology and Heritage Conservation has to be proven by a bachelor's degree or equivalent in the field of architecture, civil engineering, history of art and culture history, archaeology, restauration, geodesy, urban and regional planning, landscape planning and landscape architecture, historical geography, ethnology, pre- and early history or in a related subject.

The selection is made according to the following criteria:

1.      overall grade of previous study program (with a weighting of 55 out of 100)

2.      selection interview (with a weighting of 45 out of 100)

Detailed admission and selection modalities are regulated in the subject-specific regulations for admission and selection.

The application for admission must be addressed to the competent authority of the Central University Administration of the Technical University. Further information is available on the website of the study program.



Information Material
Regulations for Study and Examination Procedures 2017 (in German)
(valid from winter semester 2017/18)

Access and admission regulations (in German)
(valid from winter semester 2017/18)

Internship regulations 2017 (in German)
Handbook of Modules
The particular up-to-date catalogues and descriptions of modules are released in the module transfer system of TU Berlin.
Please select your version of the Regulation for Study and Examination Procedures (StuPO) and the desired semester via the following link.

Handbook of modules, Master's program Building Archaeology and Heritage Conservation

The catalogue can optionally be downloaded with and without detailed description in PDF format.

Old Regulations for Study and Examination Procedures
Regulations for Study and Examination Procedures of 2002 of the Master's Program Heritage Conservation
(valid through winter semester 2018/19)

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Counseling and Contact Persons

Building Archaeology and Heritage Conservation
Student Counselling Service
Straße des 17. Juni 152
Architekturgebäude, Room A 908
Tel. +49 30 314 79611


Further contact persons can be found on the website Beauftragte und Gremien der Studiengänge.

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