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Tenure Track criteria for the Professorship Urban Ecosystem Sciences

Criteria applying throughout the University


  • Originality and/or scholarly breadth and/or depth of the work produced
  • Substantial personal contributions to publications appearing in peer-reviewed journals and/or monographs, as well as collected editions published by recognized publishers (also in electronic format)
  • Contributions (e.g. lectures, conference addresses) to conferences
  • Potential for scientific development in an international context
  • Acquisition of external funding


  • Design and teaching of different types of courses to students at different academic levels
  • Quality of teaching (e.g. on the basis of an evaluation for a teaching evaluation report)
  • Supervision of final theses

 Advancement of junior scholars

  • Appropriate supervision of the qualification process for the teaching and research assistants assigned
  • Supervision of at least one doctoral candidate
  • Writing assessments as part of the doctoral process

Contribution to academic self-management

Within Technische Universität Berlin

  • Participation in panels and committees or occupying official positions and/or functions

Outside Technische Universität Berlin

  • Participation in panels or committees
  • Writing assessments

Supporting science transfer

  • Contributions to the communication process in science and academia

Language skills

  • Acquisition (if necessary) of the required level of German (demonstrated by a certificate from a recognized language testing institute)

Evaluation criteria for specific positions

Research - key topics

In view of the range of methods required for this professorship, candidates need to be able to demonstrate proven expertise in at least one of the following fields at the time of applying:

  1. Scientific ecological research across space and time scales, e.g. adopting a systems science approach.
  2. The development of process-based urban ecosystem models through the incorporation of several ecological spheres.
  3. Evidence of interdisciplinary expertise, including in areas other than ecology, in planning and sociology-based research approaches.
  4. Methodological expertise in obtaining and analyzing big data (e.g. long-term observations, crowd-sourcing, citizen science, big-data analysis and digitalization).

Applicants further need to demonstrate their development of at least one of the core topics and one field from the range of methods through appropriate publications. 

Research - interdisciplinary expertise

Applicants are also expected to practically demonstrate their interdisciplinary expertise through their involvement in the development of institute-internal platforms for linking existing and future science-based urban research and the development of an institute-internal monitoring strategy.

Academic continuing education

A further criterion is the active participation in academic continuing education in the areas of research management for complex, interdisciplinary topics and heading interdisciplinary research projects.

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