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Doctorates and Habilitations at Faculty VI

Actual information

Until further notice, personal consultations in the Faculty Administration are not (no longer) possible.

Applications for registration of the intention to award a doctorate must first be sent digitally to . Make sure that a data volume of 2-3 MB is not exceeded.

Please send applications for the opening of the doctoral procedure by post to the Faculty Administration (at least 4 printed copies, a pdf file on CD/USB and the signed application together with the necessary attachments). For preliminary consultation and advance notice of a package, the application (including title page and information on co-authorships) should be sent as a scan to . Please ensure that the data volume does not exceed 2-3 MB.

Package delivery

We request you to provide the following delivery address throughout the period of restricted operations:

Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135
Zentrale Poststelle Geb. Z
z.H. Herrn Roesrath, Sekr. A1
10623 Berlin

Steps towards a doctorate

To help ensure that your doctorate proposal is processed quickly, we kindly ask you to observe the following steps and information:

1. General orientation

How can I do a doctorate at Faculty VI?

Please inform yourself first about the different ways to do a doctorate. Among other things, it is important to clarify the question of financing and - in the case of an individual doctorate - to find a professor to supervise your doctoral project.

At Faculty VI Planning Building Environment you can pursue one of four types of doctoral degree:

  • Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.),
  • Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.),
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) or
  • Doctorate of Economics (Dr. rer. oec.).

The doctorate title awarded is determined in Section 2 of the Doctoral Regulations:

“The focus of the dissertation for a doctorate as Dr.-Ing. is on engineering, for a Dr. rer. nat. on mathematics or natural sciences, for a Dr. phil. on humanities or social sciences and for a Dr. rer. oec. on economics.”

Unfortunately, it is not possible to answer general questions about completing a doctorate.

On which basis can I do a doctorate at Faculty VI?

The basis for completing a doctorate at Faculty VI are the joint doctoral regulations of TU Berlin. You can find a PDF copy of the German-language version here and a copy of the English-language version here.

Familiarity with the details of the doctoral regulations is assumed in the case of requests for advice!

2. Declaration of intent to pursue a doctorate

You can notify us of your intent to pursue a doctorate via the relevant form. The additional documents you need to submit are:

  • A certified copy of your university degree qualifying you for a doctorate
  • CV
  • Work schedule
  • Description of the topic
  • Agreement to act as a supervisor from a full professor in Faculty VI at TU Berlin (sample (in German)).

You can also send your application in advance as a scan to promotionen@fak6.tu-berlin.de. Please send the original copy of your application to the Faculty Administration (see contact details at the side). You will then receive a confirmation of receipt from the dean or the Faculty Administration. You can only enroll at TU Berlin by submitting this confirmation. You cannot enroll via the Faculty Administration.

Please note: Only a full professor or junior professor at Faculty VI can be appointed as a supervisor.

3. Application to commence a doctoral procedure

Once you have completed your doctoral thesis, you can apply to be admitted to the doctoral procedure. You can find the German-language version of the relevant form here and an English-language version here.

Your application should include your preferred reviewers. You can also nominate who you would like to be chair of the doctoral committee. Please refer to the requirements stated in the doctoral regulations regarding this. We recommend you submit your application in advance as a scan to promotionen@fak6.tu-berlin.de. Please note that you should not submit your actual thesis in an email!

You should also submit the following documents to the Faculty Administration:

  • A bound copy of your completed dissertation (preferably glue-bond). Please note the specifications for the layout of the title page.
    The number of copies you are required to submit depends on the number of reviewers you wish to have. You are also required to submit two additional copies for the chair of the doctoral committee and the Faculty Service Center.
  • One copy of your dissertation in PDF format submitted on a digitally readable medium. Upon request, you will be granted access to an area of the TUB cloud. The FSC does not access the clouds of commercial or other third party providers (WE-transfer, Dropbox etc.).

TU members are permitted to enter the premises of the Faculty Administration to submit their dissertation if in possession of their TUB ID and under compliance with the RKI regulations regarding hygiene and distancing. Please arrange an appointment to do so. We recommend all other persons submit their dissertation by post or organize an appointment to hand over their dissertation outside TU premises.

4. Scientific defense

The scientific defense follows the commencement of the doctoral process by the dean and the receipt of reviews by the Faculty Administration.

Concerning scientific defenses during restrictions arising from the coronavirus pandemic please note the following passage 4.a.

For a scientific defense in partial in-presence format, a fixed date has to be reserved due to the technical requirements involved. You can view all dates here. Please note that you need to agree the appointment with the Faculty Service Center well in advance, i.e. with at least 3 weeks’ notice.

4.a Conducting scientific defenses during restrictions arising from the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the known circumstances, the scientific debates are always conducted in partial presence or as an exclusive video conference, at the request of the Chairperson.

The possibility of a purely virtual scientific debate applies in case that TU Berlin is in the so-called pandemic level 3 or face-to-face exams are prohibited. This means that all participants take part in the video-supported debate from different locations. If desired and the current access regulations of the TU permit, the candidate can use the conference room of the faculty, as technical support can be guaranteed here.


The course of a scientific defense carried out exclusively by video does not differ in principle from examinations in partial presence. Therefore, the following description is based on the example of an examination in partial presence.

For the scientific defense, a fixed date has to be reserved. You can view all dates here. Please note that you need to agree the appointment with the Faculty Service Center well in advance, i.e. with at least 3 weeks’ notice.

On the day of the debate, if it is to take place in partial presence, the chairperson of the doctoral committee and the candidate should be in room A 111 approx. 30-45 minutes in advance.

If the reviewer who belongs to the faculty insists on participation, this is permissible based on the resolution of the FKR. However, no technical equipment can currently be provided for this. Until the technical equipment is changed, a laptop, configured for Eduroam access to the TU Berlin, with a camera and headset must be brought along.



⇒ The room is well ventilated and therefore unfortunately quite cool.

⇒ There is a permanent obligation to wear a mask in all rooms of TU Berlin, including during the scientific debate.

The people in room A111 can see all connected participants via a large screen monitor. For their part, all participants see the people in room A111.

The faculty provides two laptops (Windows 10) and a headset (microphone and headphones), each disinfected, for the chairperson and the candidate. An own laptop can be used, provided it is configured to use Eduroam.

The candidate is required to make the presentation slides available to all participants using the "Share content" function.

The scientific debate is divided into three parts:

  1. The public scientific debate
  2. The confidential consultation
  3. The announcement of the result

All participants (candidate, committee members, guests) receive the invitation to session parts 1 and 3, the committee members also receive the link for session part 2. As a rule, the participation links are sent after the “registration period” has expired (1-2 days before the scientific debate).

For part 1, the public debate, a time frame of approximately 1.25 hours is planned. The “host” FSC starts the meeting approx. 10 minutes in advance so that everyone can log in. Session part 2 starts shortly before the end of part 1. Only the members of the commission have access to this meeting and discuss the scientific debate at this meeting. A time frame of around 30 minutes is planned for this. If it goes faster, session part 3 can also be started earlier.

Technical-administrative support is guaranteed either by the head of the administration and / or another person from the FSC, but only in the background.

The protocol folder will be available on site.

At the end of the scientific debate, the chair hands the candidate a preliminary certificate of successful discussion.

The minutes are only signed by the chairperson. The FSC will send a copy to the reviewers by email and ask for signing and returning them in paper form.

Special features of purely virtual scientific debates:

  • It is not possible to give the candidate a certificate confirming the success of the scientific debate immediately after the meeting.
  • The protocol folder is sent electronically to the chairperson and must then be printed out, filled in and sent back to the FSC by post.

5. Publication

After you have completed your scientific defense, you are required to publish your dissertation within twelve months (extension only in exceptional cases).

Therefore, you are required to hand in the following mandatory copies of your dissertation approved by the doctoral committee to the Dissertation Office of the University Library of TU Berlin:

  • online publication in DepositOnce (checklist)
  • 15 printed copies as standard dissertation copies (checklist)
  • 3 publication copies (checklist)

In case of a thesis by publication (cumulative dissertation), please consider additional information.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt from the Dissertation Office, a copy will be sent to the Faculty Administration.

If there is any change between the submitted and the published version of your dissertation, a print copy of the published version must be submitted to the Faculty Service Center.

Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you will be issued your doctoral certificate (in person or by post to your current address).

For your further academic career
please note the following paragraphs of the Berlin University Act (in German):

BerlHG, § 101, Abs. 5: "Bei Berufungen auf eine Professur sollen Juniorprofessoren und Juniorprofessorinnen, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterinnen in der Funktion einer Nachwuchsgruppenleitung sowie Hochschuldozenten und Hochschuldozentinnen der eigenen Hochschule nur dann berücksichtigt werden, wenn sie nach ihrer Promotion die Hochschule gewechselt hatten oder mindestens zwei Jahre außerhalb der berufenden Hochschule wissenschaftlich oder künstlerisch tätig waren. (...)"




You can find all forms and information concerning the doctoral procedure at Faculty VI here or via Quick Access 23353.


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