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Welcome to student advisory services landscape architecture / ecology & environmental planning

Opening hours during term break
14:00 - 18:00

LA/ Stadtöko (UES)/EP

8:00 - 9:30
(on 19.02.)


Stadtöko (UES)/EP

LA/ Stadtöko (UES)/EP

12:00 - 16:00

Stadtöko (UES)/EP


Dear Students,

please pay attention: You can always come to our office or call during the opening hours. The last column is only a hint which person is currently working at which time, to give you the possibtility, in case of specific questions, to speak directly to the responsible person for your study program.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions on the study porgrams etc. Our Email (lapla.info@fak6.tu-berlin.de) and telephone (030 - 314 - 28173). Please get also in contact with us, if you can not make it to our opening hours and we will arrange another time.



Which study programs do we consult?


  • Ecology and Environmental Planning [1], [8 semesters]

  • Landscape architecture [2], [6 semesters]


  • Landscape architecture [3], [4 semesters]
  • Ecology and Environmental Planning [4], [2 semesters]
  • Urban ecosystem sciences [5], [4 semesters] (Stadtökologie)
  • Environmental Planning [6], [4 semesters] (international masterprogram)
  • (Environmental Policy and Planning, [4 semesters] (expired in 2016))



Areas of responsibility

The task of the study advisory service is to consult and lead the students how to organise their personal curriculum of their studies within the frame of the possibilities offered by the study regulations and the various lectures. For this purpose, the study advisory service is offering indivual consultation appointments with regard to studies and examniations. Additionally they provide information about the offer of lectures in the instiute, possible career opportunities, as well as about the general organisation of the university.

For this purpose, the Consulting Team organises and coordinates Information Events for students and pupils. The various Tasks include inter alia:

  • Fixed opening hours each week, as well as individual consultation appointments
  • Information about application and registration modalities
  • Supptoing the students to create their timetables
  • Information about examination regulations
  • Providing Information materials, study and examination regulations etc
  • Information about new regulations
  • Providing helpful contacts to different

Attention: The student advisory service does not provide legally binding information!!

Therefore please contact the following responsable institutions: e.g. the audit committee (Prüfungsausschuss [7]), examination office (Prüfungsamt [8]) or the immatriculation office (Immatrikulationsamt [9])

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Study aroad

Dear Students,

here you can find the European exchange programmes by faculty (EP is faculty VI)  and in the document listed by institutes:

https://www.auslandsamt.tu-berlin.de/international_office/studium_im_ausland/austauschprogramme_europa/ [10]

and here the international programs:

https://www.auslandsamt.tu-berlin.de/international_office/studium_im_ausland/austauschprogramme_uebersee/ [11]

Please inform yourself about the required documents and the deadlines or contact the Campus Center!


student advisory services ILaUP

(STU.BE 304)

Straße des 17. Juni 145

EB 304

phone: (030) 314-28173

email: lapla.info@fak6.tu-berlin.de

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